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When you love somebody don´t leave them behind..

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In the end…

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"If they really killed her like this, they’d probably have an uprising on their hands! Don’t want that, do they?" She throws back her head and shouts, "Whole country in rebellion? Wouldn’t want anything like that!"

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THE HUNGER GAMES + last lines

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You’re not afraid of fire, are you, Katniss?

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get to know me meme: ten/fifteen movies
the hunger games — "For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”

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characters + bow and arrow

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Stiles and Thomas, like, have a lot of differences, but also they’re, you know, similar in a lot of ways. It is me playing them. For one, they’re both in very much different situations, too, so that kind of effects how they are and how we see them. I mean, Thomas, I think he’s more internal, he’s just a more introverted personality, he’s quieter, he’s a thinker, he’s smart. I think they’re both smart. I mean, my character in Teen Wolf is just such an outward energy. Both of the characters, you know, have an intelligence about them, they both have a heroic nature about them. But I think it’s really funny ‘cause just as personalities, they’re very different. [x]

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Daenerys Targaryen meme: four hairstyles [1/4] → season 1

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It was my arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the arena, that brought on this firestorm of retribution. That sent the whole country of Panem into chaos.

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Jennifer Lawrence for W [Behind The Scenes]

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“We had to save you because you’re the m o c k i n g j a y, Katniss,” says Plutarch. “While you live, the revolution lives.”

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